Bucket Machines

Bucket Machines are used to clean storm water, sewer and box culvert drains from manhole to manhole.

At Specialised Industrial Distributors, we manufacture a range of bucket machines for heavy-duty pipe clearing. These are available in the following forms:

  • Mechanical cable culvert winch for cleaning of large bore pipes
  • Diesel-driven unit with a 2 000 kg line-pulling force
  • Hand-operated unit with an 800 kg force.

These machines are usually transported by towing or lifting them by crane onto a truck.

Look at the benefits ...

Our bucket machines are cost effective in larger pipes of 450 mm diameter and bigger.

  • They remove roots and stubborn blockages caused by large matter in pipes.
  • Specialised channel cleaning can be achieved by using specially constructed scrapers.
  • Buckets vary in size between 110 mm and 600 mm.
  • Machines available as hydraulically powered or manually winched.

How bucket machines work

Bucket winches loosen up and remove as much silt as possible. 

During this process, not only does the grit get loosened for easier removal by other means, but a lot of the rags and other large debris that hinder more efficient operations are removed.

The bucket method makes use of two machines:

  • The loader machine pulls the bucket towards itself.
  • The bucket is then emptied and the upright machine pulls the bucket back to its starting position.
Bucket machine

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