Combination Machines

Ordinary jetting units often fall short in removing blockages. But the powerful combination vacuum and jetting machines built by Specialised Industrial Distributors are highly effective in cleaning sand traps, pits and pump stations where strong suction is needed.


Our Combination Machines are capable of simultaneous water jetting and vacuuming. They use high pressure water jets to blast debris towards a manhole.

Then the debris are sucked up through a special decanting system, returning all water to the pipe, while grit and debris stay in the vacuum tank. When the tank is full, this toxic waste is dumped at an approved dump site. 


This system replaces the usual labour-intensive and time-consuming manual method of clearing blockages. Our powerful units can achieve full vacuum power of 0.7 bar in 5 seconds if the vacuum pump is correctly matched to the size of the tank. This makes quick work of even the most demanding blockage removals.


For sufficient capacity on site, our 6/4 unit has capacity for 6 000 litres of water and 4 000 litres of waste and is normally built onto an eight-ton truck. Our 7/8 unit holds 7 000 litres of water and 8 000 litres of waste.


All water is strained back to the drain, leaving only the waste in the tank. Full tanks are emptied at approved dump sites. The process is expedited by an optional hydraulic locking rear door and a tipping facility for dumping solids.  At the same time, a100 mm discharge valve helps you when you dump the liquid waste.


These units can also be used as reactive machines for clearing emergency blockages and cleaning out cess pits, etc. They come in many sizes to suit your needs. What’s more, we build our machines with locally sourced parts so that they are completely user-friendly. 

Combination machine

Look at the benefits of Combination Machines ...

• Combination machines provide you with high pressure water jetting and simultaneous vacuuming.
• They allow for effective cleaning of pump stations, drains, tanks, pipes, and so on.
• Mainly used for cleaning  storm water and sewer infrastructures for local authorities and related industries.
• Positive displacement vacuum pumps can suck up sludge and slurries. This makes them ideal for safe, clean transport and disposal of all kinds of liquid waste.
• The rear doors open hydraulically and tip for dumping solids.
• Suction ability for the handling of solids is from 75 mm to 200 mm.
• Airflow on units ranges from 300 to 1 750 litres per second or free air.
• Lift of up to 7 metres water and airlift of up to 30 metres – more at sea level.
• The sophisticated filtration system allows units to suck both wet and dry materials, for example water, sludge, sand and gravel.
• High pressure systems generally operate around 120 bar, while flows range from 152 litres per minute to 460 litres per minute. You can add one or more water blasting lances for surface cleaning.
• Units range in size, with high pressure vacuum systems and tanks fitted accordingly.
• Tanks are manufactured from 3CR12 stainless steel.
• Trucks are equipped with a 180-degree swivel hose and 120 metres of heavy-duty lightweight sewer hose. More can be added.
• We build combination units  to your own specific requirements.

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