Jetting Units

At Specialised Industrial Distributors, we also manufacture smaller Jetting Units. These are less expensive to operate and are used mainly for removing blockages and roots, as well as for high pressure water washing applications.

Due to their smaller size, these trucks are often used as a quick response to blockages, before bringing in the larger maintenance machines like Combination Units or Super Suckers to alleviate the problem completely.

Look at the benefits ...

  • High pressure water is used for many applications.
  • If used correctly with our specialised nozzle range, it will not cause any damage to pipes or conduits.
  • High pressure jetting system breaks blockages in a safe way with no damage to the infrastructure.
  • High pressure systems operate around 120 Bar, with flows ranging from 152 litres to 460 litres per minute for larger diameter pipes and stubborn blockages.
  • Due to high flow rate, multiple water blasting lances for surface cleaning can be fitted.
  • All trucks are equipped with 180 degree swivel hose reels with 120 metres of heavy duty lightweight sewer hose. More can be added if needed.
  • Tanks are manufactured from 3CR12 stainless steel.
  • We can build jetting units to your specific requirements.

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