Specialised Industrial Distributors Manufacturing Process

Because of the rigorous nature of the work that our units are required to do, at Specialised Industrial Distributors our manufacturing process ensures that we build them to the highest standards. And by using freely available off-the-shelf parts, your ease of maintenance is assured.

What’s more, all major components carry a full supplier warranty.

Our manufacturing plant is based in Somerset West, near Cape Town, South Africa.

Our painstaking manufacturing process guarantees top quality tanks

At Specialised Industrial Distributors, our tanks are made from 3CR12 stainless laser-cut steel. The inner tanks typically have 4.5 mm wall thicknesses with 6 mm ends, with the outer fresh water tank 3 mm thick.

Baffles increase strength and stop water surges inside the units. All welding is done to South African Bureau of Standards guidelines.

Before painting each tank, we strip down the entire unit and sandblast it to marine specification. We then prime it with acid-etch primer and epoxy coat it with a double layer of colour.

Our paintwork is guaranteed for at least six months and typically still looks new even after five years.

Quality tanks guaranteed by manufacturing process
Specialised Industrial Distributors

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