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Vacuum tankers can be used in many different applications. Their excellent vacuuming ability is great for cleaning sand traps, pits, and pump stations where suction is needed. These units can also be used in conjunction with submersible pumps.

Cess pit vacuum tankers (also known as Honey Suckers) are fitted with high air flow vacuum pumps and are sloped to the rear to allow for complete emptying.

The Super Suckers built by Specialised Industrial Distributors are fitted with 100 mm to 200 mm vacuum pumps and are available in 4 000 to 12 000 litre capacities.

They have hydraulically opening rear doors for easy tipping of waste. These units can also be mounted on high-speed trailers and all-wheel drive trucks.

Look at the benefits ...

• Vacuuming can be used to remove liquids and solids from virtually any environment when they cannot be removed effectively or economically any other way.
• More efficient, user friendly and safer in hazardous environments – allows for toxic substances to be loaded and removed in sealed air tight tanks for safe disposal.
• Due to high air flows, can be used successfully as a tank cleaner and vacuum broom as well.
• Cleaning and removal applications include septic tanks, pits, digesters, pump stations, storage tanks, fly ash, coal, liquids, slurries, spillage recovery, etc.
• High vacuum type blowers are fitted to Honey Suckers for superior suction ability and service.
• Some of our Honey Suckers are equipped with high pressure water wash down systems.
• Suction ability for handling of solids is from 75 mm to 200 mm.
• Air flows on units vary from 300 to 1 750 litres per second.
• Lift of up to 7 metres of water and airlift of up to 30 metres – more at sea level.
• Units can vacuum wet or dry materials.
• Most Super Suckers have a decanting system to separate waste and debris from water if needed.
• All airflow units have rear doors which open hydraulically and can tip for the dumping of solids.

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